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Keeping your dog cool in the summer is all about careful preparation and forward planning. This will keep you and your dog healthy and happy. Here are a few tips to keep your dog cool this summer so you can enjoy the sun in safety with your best friend.

Keep your dog hydrated!
It’s important to ensure your dog has access to plenty of drinking water in the summer. If you’re going out with your dog, ensure you always have a bottle of water for them.

Add water to their day
Take your dog to a pool or simply treat him to a puddle of mud. They’ll know what to do! This is an amazing method to chill your dog off. In any case, ensure your dog gets a decent wash after each pool or puddle session. The chlorine in the pool water may cause skin aggravation, if not washed off as expected.
Your dog will love to sit in damp corners in the house. In any case, ensure he’s in every case perfect and dry after all the wet fun. Any measure of dampness in this climate can develop into yeast or parasitic disease. A wet canine is a cool canine. You can arrange outdoor summer exercises with your pooch so they include some water play—sprinklers, pools or lakes would all be able to be fun and cool.

Get them a haircut
Get your dog a summer amicable hairstyle. A light yet breed-fitting coat can help your dog feel cooler. Yet, recall – the very coat that causes them to feel blistering additionally shields them from the sun. A shaved (or over-managed) dog is inclined to burn from the sun, among other skin issues in summers.
It’s likewise critical to brush your dog every now and then in summers. Brushing your dog’s jacket eliminates the dry/dead skin and clears a path for air to reach their coat. This assists with chilling off your pet. Canines are likewise powerless to many skin diseases during a warm climate. Incessant prepping can keep a mind that.

Healthy Frozen Yogurts
Dogs love ice and frozen yogurts in the summer. Yet, it’s not advisable to get them a human frozen treat.
Having ice treats close by can be extraordinarily useful when your dog has pushed their limits in high temperatures. You can buy healthy frozen yogurts at Clever Canine. In case you’re hoping to purchase frozen yogurt for your dog, you can look at our varied range of products at Clever Canine. The ingredients in our dog frozen treats are handpicked and of the best quality. Moreover, nothing beats the puppy eyes and happy dance your dog will make when you break out their preferred frozen treats!

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