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If you’re a human, quaranite is hard and challenging in so many ways. Social isolation and loneliness became unavoidable. Most of us took to the digital world to keep our minds preoccupied and eventually got busy with viral trends. Some of us baked bread, others made dolgano coffee and most of us spent hours recording our version of the latest Insta reels. Fun right? But here’s the thing – Today’s viral trends are engaging at first but they eventually become lost in time and we soon feel empty again looking for that next distraction. The only thing that stays constant though, is the everlasting companionship our pets give us. If you’re lucky enough to be a pet parent, you know what this feels like. Here’s a list of 3 ways in which we think pets have added value to our quarantine days.

  1. They’re always present
  2. They ground us
  3. They love unconditionally

Their emotional needs matter too

During quarantine, our pets have gotten used to us being home most of the time. Moreover, they have bonded more strongly with us. But as we begin to leave the house more often for work or travel our pets may experience the impact of sudden isolation. Here is when we need to be extra cautious and understanding. Some tips might help.

  • Start giving them some space while you are at home, to get them used to the separation that will come in the days ahead.
  • While leaving home, set up a cozy and safe space for your pets, so that they might not break things or hurt themselves as they could get distressed while you are away.
  • Leave behind for them their favorite interactive toys, chews, and nose work activities to pass their time.
  • And never punish them for their anxious behavior as they too deserve understanding.

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