We are pretty sure you haven’t tasted the most delicious dog ice cream in the world. Well, we wouldn’t keep you waiting, so here it is. Presenting to you, CleverCanine’s signature collection of dog ice-cream in five super delicious flavours. Our dog ice creams are available in our online stores with the best customizations available for your pup’s sweet tooth.

Our array of ice-cream flavours include mango, Bacon n Apple, Blueberry, Salmon and Coco-Carob. The enriched mango ice-cream for your dog is curated with juicy mangoes containing a bundle of essential vitamins and minerals, a treat you wouldn’t want to miss out on! The juicy Bacon n Apple flavoured dog-ice cream will merely melt in your little one’s mouth. The nutrients of the apple combined with the crunchiness of the bacon is the perfect delicacy available. You can definitely also purchase our blueberry ice-cream on our online store to help your dog soak in the flavour of fresh blueberries drawn from the finest plantations. The collection of dog ice-cream(s) don’t end her because the salmon and coco-carob are two flavours that will be remembered forever.

At CleverCanine, we highly recommend you to buy our exclusive dog ice-creams for your pup on our online store in India. We give you our assurance that our dog ice-creams are the best source of rich vitamins and natural flavours for your best friend.
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