We do not accept returns or exchanges – but, we always want to ensure your pup’s tail is wagging in joy. Please reach out to us at hello@clevercanine.in with any queries or complaints.

Our products are safe for consumption by pet dogs of all life stages and breeds. Whenever you introduce any new foods to your dog, we always suggest you feed small quantities first. You can then slowly work your way up to the suggested serving on the packaging. Happy eating!

At this time, our products are only available in India. We hope to be able to treat your pup in the near future!

We are working to get your order packed & shipped as fast as possible. Your items will be dispatched within 24-48 hours of your order being placed. For cake orders, the items will be delivered on the date and time slot selected during time of checkout. If there is anything we can do while you and your pup await your Clever Canine delivery, please reach out to us at hello@clevercanine.in. We love hearing from our furry customers!

Our products are very simple and consist of not more than a handful of ingredients. We do not use any refined flour / maida, sugar or artificial colors and flavours in any of our products. This makes our products highly palatable and also very very safe for dogs to consume. Do check the ingredient list before placing your order. Still not sure what to order for your furbaby? Please feel free to contact our founder, yamika at hello@clevercanine.In to discuss your options!

At this time customized cakes are only available within Bangalore city – please drop us a WhatsApp message with your complete address to know more about the delivery options & charges. Our latest and most convenient new product category “Cakes2Go” is now available outside Bangalore city – drop us a message to check for Cakes2Go in your city.

The ingredients may be new and exciting for the dog and he/she may try to gobble the whole cake at one go, and why not! But we would recommend that your dog eats the cake in portions. You can follow this guide for cake portioning:
small breed dog – consume up to 50-100 grams at a go
medium breed dog – consume 100-150 grams at a go
large breed dog – consume 150-250 grams at a go.

We have a few products available for dogs and cats both. Please browse through our website to find the right fit for your pet.

We are always happy to answer your questions : write to us here