Yamika in Our Story

Our Story

Over a decade ago, our Founder’s dog Pixie came along and touched her heart in a very special way. With lack of reliable products in the market, Yamika was inspired to innovate to fill that gap. What started as a passion project has turned in to one of India’s most trusted homegrown pet food brands.

At Clever Canine we strive to bring pet parents only the best quality human-grade and natural products. We take pride in our innovations that are a product of simple ingredients, small batches and lots of love.

  • Power Punch Meal - NEW

    Simple Ingredients

    We believe in nutritious yet all natural products, thats why all our products are made from only a handful of whole ingredients.

  • 3 different types of broth

    Small Batches

    All our products are handcrafted and made in small batches. We guarantee freshness and great nutrition in every bite.

  • Fun Flavours

    Bye-Bye boring dog food and say hello to unique flavour combinations and profiles like Coconut & Turmeric, Bacon 'n' Apple and more!