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Sponsor a Nutritious Fresh Meal for a Stray

Sponsor a Nutritious Fresh Meal for a Stray

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Sponsor a nutritious and well balanced hot meal for a stray community dog in Bangalore City. The hot meal is prepared using fresh and high quality ingredients including a variety of 3 organ meat cuts, 1 grain, 3 vegetables, bone broth and eggshell powder (for calcium).

The recipes for the meals are formulated by our Founder Yamika who is a Pet Nutrition Coach. She formulates the recipes such that they are very high in calories and nutrient dense thereby making one such meal cover the daily caloric and energy requirement of a stray dog (approx 15kg dog) whilst also keeping them satiated and hydrated.

Each meal is approximately 700g and 764 kcal - one meal meets well over 100% of the average stray dog's daily macro and micro nutrient requirements

Nutritional information on dry matter basis for each meal:
Protein 43%
Carbohydrate 44%
Essential Fats 8%
Fibre 2.4%

How it works:
1. Once we receive your order, we will put the sponsored meals in to our feeding list.
2. When the feeding list exceeds 20 meals, we will plan for the next feeding cycle. We cook the meals in bulk. This may mean that your sponsorship may be clubbed with another sponsor's meals.
3. We feed the strays once a week (typically on Saturdays) where volunteers help us with the feeding.
4. Because the campaign is volunteer driven, if our volunteers are not available to feed, the feeding date may be postponed to the next week. 
5. When we feed the strays, we will document with photos/video and share with the sponsors within 3-5 working days. 
Note: Because we have limited resources, we put a limit on how many sponsored meals we accept per month. So if the meal shows "sold out" this is because we have already fulfilled the sponsorships for the month. 

Thank you so much for your support ❤️ 

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