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30min Phone Call with Pet Nutrition Coach Yamika Damani

30min Phone Call with Pet Nutrition Coach Yamika Damani

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30 minute phone call with Pet Nutrition Coach Yamika Damani.

Choose from the below options:

Option A: Pre-Consultation 
This call is for new clients who would like to discuss their pet's nutritional needs and goals only. Yamika will be providing a general recommendation for what type of diet you can expect in the one-on-one meal plan consultation based on your pet’s health concerns and specific nutritional and breed requirements. After the call is complete, you may decide if you would like to go ahead with the paid service of one-on-one meal plan consultation and recipes formulation which will be tailor made for your pet. No recipes or supplements will be shared on the call. 

Option B: Post Consultation
This call is for existing clients who would like to discuss the diet chart provided in their existing one-on-one consultation plan. You may also want to keep your questions related to your pet's diet chart ready so that you can make most of the 30 minute call.

Please note:
1. Nutrition is a science, hence if there is a need for further investigations, you may be required to share lab reports (like blood tests, urinanalyis, xray/scans etc). These lab reports help to provide a baseline for your pet's health indicators and also help guide the nutritionist to formulate suitable recipes for your pet.
2. Once you place the order, you will receive a call booking link to your WhatsApp / email address within 48 hours. 
3. There is no refund, exchange for the call booking. The booking is not transferable to anyone else.

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