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Wellness Trio

Wellness Trio

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Bengaluru Only

Indulge your pup in this whimsical trio of flavors, each sip a step towards tail-wagging happiness. Whether they're a meat maven, a veggie aficionado, or a lover of all things tasty, our Broths Assorted is here to turn mealtime into a playful palate party that your furry friend will thank you for – one slurp at a time!

  • Great for detoxifying the body's organs
  • Appropriate for Puppies, Adult Dogs and Cats
  • No preservatives or harmful additives
  • Easy to store in the freezer

What you get:

  • 1 Chicken bone broth 100ml + 25ml Free
  • 1 Mutton bone broth 100ml + 25ml Free
  • 1 Veggie bone broth 100ml + 25ml Free
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